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The Prophesies of the World Ending In 2012


Scientists have long been the greatest skeptics of any sort of spiritual prophecy.

However, these scientists are adopting prophesies as they warn of the earth ending by December the year 2012. Out of 7 groups that are convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that the end is going to come in approximately less than 26 months, 5 hail from the scientific field.

Magnetic Fields Swap Could Herald End of the World, Scientists

Below are 7 apparent signs that prove 2012 will be the end of time;

1. The Earth’s Magnetic Field; scientists have said that the earth’s magnetic fields, that is, north and south poles, will trade positions in 2012. Since these poles shield us from most of the sun’s radiation, an exchange would result in radiation of ultraviolet rays that will destroy everything they come into contact with.

2. Sun Storms; solar storms have been widely reported with the effect of hitting the earth with lots of radiation energy. This energy has been interfering with power grids and ruining satellites. Scientists are predicting that these storms will reach an all-time deadly high in 2012.

3. Super volcano; geologists are predicting that the Yellowstone volcano which is active every 7000 years will erupt in 2012, an activity which will fill the air with ash, block the sun and cause a 17000-year long winter.

4. The atom smasher; this world’s biggest particle accelerator will have its first serious experiment in 2012 and scientists are giving prophesies that it will create small black holes that will crush the earth into a dense blob.

5. The physicists; physicists at the Berkeley University are saying that the earth is overdue for a disastrous event and have calculated a 99% chance of everyone dying in 2012.

6. The Mayan Calendar; the Mayans who were able to correctly calculate the period of a lunar cycle, also believe that the end of the world will be December 21 2012.

7. The bible; according to some Christian sects, interpretations of the book of Revelations indicate that prophesies of Armageddon will be fulfilled in 2012.

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