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Point 2012 Black Ale stars in online cinematic sensation
Apocalyptic short film adds to aura of Point brand inspired by ancient Mayan calendar mystery

STEVENS POINT, WIS. – A provocative new branded short film starring Point 2012 Black Ale is captivating online viewers across the country.

Visually iconic and emotionally charged, “The End or The Beginning” depicts two young lovers struggling toward each other amid angry demonstrators, menacing police and mysterious masked onlookers. Overlooking the chaotic street scene as asteroids crash into buildings is a fire-breathing Mayan chieftain, apt symbolism for Point 2012 Black Ale, a robust dark ale inspired by the ancient Mayan “Long Count” calendar that ends ominously on December 21, 2012, prompting various doomsday predictions. Navigating the chaos, the young couple meets in a romantic embrace featuring Point 2012 Black Ale.

Created and produced by Rascals & Rogues, a Chicago-based production company, “The End or The Beginning” has fascinated thousands of viewers since its May 17 debut on Shot in downtown Chicago’s LaSalle Street financial district on a cold winter day, the apocalyptic vignette showcases Rascals & Rogues creativity and technological expertise.

“Kudos to Director Kerry Shaw Brown and Executive Producer Ritch Wedeking and everyone at Rascals & Rogues for their expert execution of this edgy visual adventure,” said Joe Martino, Stevens Point Brewery Managing Partner. “2012 Black Ale continues to intrigue ale lovers and recently won a silver medal in the World Beer Cup. ‘The End or The Beginning’ will surely deepen its aura of mystery -- it takes the brand’s identity to a new level.”

According to Brown, the apocalyptic theme is a natural fit with Point 2012 Black Ale’s branding. “It’s also a great-tasting, award-winning ale, and there is nothing menacing about that,” he said. “Seriously, if the world is about to wind down, it’s the kind of ale you want to have in your hand, and ‘The End or The Beginning’ makes that point perfectly clear.”

As online views of “The End or The Beginning” pile up at, and, Stevens Point Brewery’s marketers are considering additional outlets for the film. “It would be perfect for movie theaters, for example,” Martino noted.

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